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Total Enclosure Sail System's Features & Benefits

The engineered Sail System is the simplest and most durable enclosure system for weather protection and environmental containment. Its innovative patented design offers an efficient, cost-effective enclosure solution adaptable to a wide variety of project-specific needs.

The Sail System is also very price competitive and offered through Purchase and Rental programs to accommodate both long and short term projects.

TESS also offers customized, project specific design and technical services to provide the most cost-effective enclosure solution. With more than 65 years of in-house project engineering and management experience we can match Sail System's capabilities with your project specific needs. We provide conceptual consultation, design packages for assembly, and on-site technical services to oversee installation.

The Sail System's features, detailed below, translate into cost, schedule, and safety BENEFITS for any type of project.


The Sail System's standard components adjust to virtually any design configuration:

Attachments Fabrics
  • Clamp to scaffolding
  • Attach directly to existing structures
  • Support with cable
  • Install vertically
  • Install horizontally
  • Woven polyethylenes
  • Netting
  • Screens
  • Fire Retardant
  • Insulated
  • ...you name it!

BENEFIT: Its adaptability with numerous attachment methods and a variety of fabric options allows one system to meet a wide range of project-specific needs.



The Sail System goes up quickly, safely, and easily.

BENEFIT: Its simplicity reduces labor costs by improving erection and dismantling efficiency. In most applications Dealers and Contractors report labor savings of at least 30%.



The Sail System is extremely durable even in the most adverse weather conditions. This is possible due to the system's high quality components and its patented attachment method. Fabric panels of any type attach to an extruded aluminum framing through the use of rope-welt hems traveling in "C" tracks.

BENEFIT: Its durability and strength greatly reduce costly project maintenance.



The Sail System is designed to withstand substantial wind and weather loads without the use of heavy structural components. In case of extreme weather, the System's design provides for safe, quick collapse of its panels to prevent damage to supporting or surrounding structures.
Unlike preassembled panels and tarps, the Sail System can be erected in windy conditions with no additional risk to workmen or surroundings.

BENEFIT: Its operating features reduce concerns about workers' safety and project liabilities.



The Sail System is an entirely reusable system. After a job is finished, the system breaks down into compact, easily stored components ready to be assembled for your next project. Fabric lifespan is greatly extended due to patented attachment method.

BENEFIT: Its reusability reduces wasted materials and lowers material costs on subsequent projects.

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